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Maybe, but it's certainly the start of something new as you realize information you previously missed. Full moons are highly emotional periods, and since you're ruled by the Moon, this is a brilliant opportunity to engage in your embodiment practices, meaning doing whatever gets you into your body, whether that's dancing, making love, or enjoying an amazing meal with people you love.

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Community will help you get through this, but you may decide that it's time to leave a certain circle. You may also find that a hope or wish you had has been fulfilled. Fortunately, this full moon also finds Mars connecting with Jupiter in Sagittarius, which bodes very well for your productivity, despite the lag of Mercury retrograde. Pluto is the lord of the underworld, and when it's getting along with the sun, our source of vitality, exquisite alchemical transformations can take place! But by the next day, disappointment is in the atmosphere as Venus clashes with hazy Neptune on November Venus is all about desire, but Neptune is about illusion and delusion.

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Mercury retrograde is frustrating for making plans, what with all the miscommunications and delays! A shift in energy arrives as action planet Mars enters Scorpio on November If you've been looking for love, this is sure to bring some promising action your way.

If you've been going through a creative block, Mars will help bust it. Plus, the pace finally picks up as Mercury ends its retrograde on November 20! Mercury clears its shadow, meaning it finishes retracing the degrees of the zodiac it activated during the retrograde, on December 7, and you can expect conversations and projects that were delayed to begin moving forward. Sagittarius season begins on November 22, encouraging you to focus on physical wellness, and get organized.

Sagittarius season is a great time for you to get ahead at work, connect with new clients, and take on new gigs.

Plus, Venus meets Jupiter and Mars opposes Uranus in Taurus on November 24, bringing luck to these career-related themes. However, an unexpected argument in your social life may steal your attention away. The energy shifts again as darling Venus enters your opposite sign Capricorn on November 25, bringing blessings to the relationship sector of your chart. Venus in Capricorn finds you valuing the maturity and stability that your partners bring to the table. Gifts and tokens of appreciation are shared. The new moon in Sagittarius arrives on November 26, helping you rethink your schedule.

At the starting of the year, you should be careful to avoid any kind of new and major investment that would shake your expenses and disturb your financial commitments. This period would give a boost to your stable and regular income, from one or multiple sources, thus helping you have a good financial stability. Every wish you have and every desire you have, can be fulfilled during this period.

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You can even spend time in entertainment and doing fun-filled activities, thus letting you live life easy and happy as well. The Cancer Finance Horoscope advises that you refrain from investing in any kind of share market investment from 4 May to 18 June , as it would not be profitable. After this period, it would be a good time for investment and get good returns from investment.

As per the Career Horoscope forecast, 16 August to 4 October would be a good time to invest in career, as the time seems very favourable. You can also invest in your family business during this time of , and expect good returns to come to you.

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If you are willing to take loan for personal or business matters, try applying for it during mid-year, as during that time approval for loan seems to be high. From 14 May to 13 September , be careful before investing in any kind of business with partnership from 14 May to 13 September , as Jupiter would be in retrograde motion during this time, predicts the Cancer Horoscope for finance. The Cancer Horoscope for Love and Romance predicts that the results would be mixed with different outcomes throughout the year.

This year forecasts that the Cancer in you would be try your level best to improve your romantic relationship with your partner, and make the bond stronger and deeper. This will help you both grow with each other, let you understand each other well.

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Try to understand each other and your concerns between these periods, and not let anything disturb your mental peace and content. In the case of any untoward situation, try to maintain your calm, peace, and wade through the situation with maturity, says the Cancer Horoscope.

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However, this time period seems to be good for all the single Cancer natives out there, as chances of you mingling with a prospective partner seems to look bright. Keep your eyes wide open and try to look around you at all times, as you never know when you might encounter your future partner, with whom you might be eternally in love. The Cancer Horoscope predicts that for the Marriage and Relationships forecast, Vedic Astrology advises the natives of Cancer to keep their patience throughout the year and demands them to face situations wit calmness.

It is advised that you keep your trust intact and try to understand your partner fully at all costs, and support them with all your heart, to avoid any kind of untoward happening. Take this time period as a learning lesson, and avoid too many disputes and confusions to take over the peace of your family life during this period. Be careful from 22 March to 4 May , as during this time things might turn grey and you might end up taking hasty decisions that you might regret later on.

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Avoid confusions and disputes, and try to keep everything clear between the both of you. You relationship might take a bad shape as Mars and Saturn would transit into the house of Marriage, and worsen things between you. Try to take things as a learning phase, and avoid taking decisions that might end your relationship in divorce, says the Cancer Horoscope.


The Cancer Horoscope for Family predicts that you might start renovating your family house this year. Though it would brighten and beautify your stay, yet it would also mean that you would have to incur a lot of expense while doing it.

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You would thus have to manage the high expenses that come with it, and prepare yourself earlier for it. Their blessings would bring love into your life, for which you would be grateful.

The Cancer Horoscope also predicts that there might be disputes during mid-year. These conflicts in the family would be related to heritage property, which might leave you disturbed. However, with discussion with everyone, and involvement of elders, and sorting it out with proper planning, it is sure to be resolved.

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This does not seem to be a very good year to build good relations with siblings, and you might face some problems, so take care beforehand to avoid such scenarios. There is high scope that you might be involved in the family business, and do it pretty well during the time from 15 April to 16 June , predicts the Cancer Horoscope for Family.